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Innovative Design for Superior Performance

42" and 48" Panels meticulously engineered for optimal performance.
Continuous angle encapsulated by safety bend ensures panels maintain true radius.
Gusset channel stiffener, maxing out at 2’, reinforces structural integrity.
2” x 2” A-Frame stiffening system enhances stability and durability.

Unrivaled Quality and Engineering Expertise

Corrosion-resistant visible welds coated with zinc-based paint for longevity.
Constructed from 14 Gauge, G235 Galvanized ASTM 526 Steel for durability.
Rigorous engineering calculations and computer finite element models guarantee performance.
Panels welded with silicon bronze using MIG welding method for added material and corrosion resistance.
Zinc-rich paint applied post-welding for galvanic and isolation corrosion protection, ensuring longevity and reliability.


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