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Where Simplicity meets Efficiency

Since 2008, INVISIseal offers the perfect harmony between elegance and strength. Proven to be over twice as robust as conventional welding techniques, INVISIseal almost eradicates the visibility of weld lines while optimizing durability.


Proven welding technology since 2008

At Highbury Pools, we're always on the cutting edge. With the INVISIseal technology, we've elevated the art of sealing to new heights.

✅ Almost undetectable seams!
✅ Stronger welds!
✅ No more base material weld bleed lines!
✅ No more bar marks!
✅ Smoother corners!

Near-Invisible: With our advanced sealing technology, the weld is so discreet that many ask, "Is that really the weld?"
Superior Strength: As tested by the Canadian General Tower, INVISIseal has proven to have more than double the strength of traditional radio frequency methods.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Pool Experience.

Connect with us today and elevate your pool with our INVISIseal and PicSURE Measuring technologies. Get in touch now for a seamless upgrade!

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